Complete analysis of a space

Besides its physical aspects consisting of substance, material, light and shadow, smell and taste, the environment also represents a complex living organism, one that is perpetually evolving. Together with a classic analysis of location, our work puts major emphasis on the analysis of a location’s multidimensional structure.

Geomancy or holistic ecology is a science that deals with the multidimensional structure of the environment. This ancient wisdom has been applied in the past in order to maintain a balanced relationship between humans and the environment. There are almost no written historical sources regarding the use of geomancy in the building trade; the science is merely interwoven into many architectural masterpieces of the past.


The term geomancy stands for knowledge regarding the multidimensional dimensions of the Earth. Geomancy is an ancient wisdom that sees the Earth as a living organism with the characteristics of a living being. In the past, when humans were more connected with nature and its cycles, geomancy had a much more important role. We could also name geomancy the art of living. It was concerned with maintaining harmonious relationships between all visible and invisible levels of life, between humans and their activities. Our ancestors pondered the appropriateness of the timing for a spatial intervention and attentively planned the project’s shape and position. To place a project into the environment was a conscious and responsible act. It had to be positioned into a complex system of the existing features and integrated into the environment as a whole. The expression geomancy etymologically derives from the old Greek word geomanteia, where geo means the Earth and manteia divination or prediction. Today, the word divination is difficult to understand in its authentic sense. It can be translated as an insightful discerning of the multidimensional attributes of the environment. Geomancy combined the studies of various natural sciences such as astronomy and astrology, geometry and geography, psychology, numerology, etc.
In Veliki splošni leksikon 2 (Ljubljana 1997), geomancy is explained as “Earth divination”: “geomancy, particularly among the ancient Arabs and Chinese, is an extended art of the oracle, where according to the natural shapes of the Earth’s surface (the course of a river flow, the shape of mountains and slopes, etc.) or according to their randomly chosen points and lines, the most suitable position for placing a settlement, cultural objects or burial grounds was established.”

Modern geomancy
Modern geomancy is based on the knowledge that the structure of the Earth is similar to the structure of a human, something not merely molecular but also consisting of energy fields. The energy of the Earth that flows through the landscape permeates buildings and people alike.
It teaches us where and how to place an object into the environment in a harmonious way, it suggests a proper shape and size of the object, it reveals the potentials and “traps” of locations and it speaks to us of the human’s connection to a certain environment.
The geomant’s task is to protect nature from harmful human interventions that could permanently alter the balance of energies and adversely affect the surrounding area. Geomancy is in its essence an upgrading and deepening of the ecological approach. Through a harmonious and non-violent installation of objects into an environment, taking into account the cultural and natural essence of the location, we preserve the integrity of that environment, thus also ensuring a high quality of life in it.
The integral geomantic methods of reading and measuring energy currents, vital currents and energy sources provide us with integral insight into the actual nature of the environment. From the constellations of energy currents, fields and crossroads, it is possible to precisely discern the character of a location and set the guidelines that define the method of spatial intervention. To ensure a basic level of health, every environment has to therefore capture the Earth’s vital energy, which, through its dynamic circulation, strengthens the person’s organism and enables natural vitality, immunity and strength.